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Welde Bulgaria - Sound-isolating plywood.

Production of construction plywood, furniture plywood, packaging plywood and hardboard (Natural fibreboard)

Sound-isolating plywood

This product represents poplar plywood, containig a 3-mm cork ot cork-rubber membrane sheet inside. It has exellent sound-isolating characteristics.



  • Length, mm: 2500 or 2700 ± 2.0;
  • Width, mm: 1250 ± 2.0;
  • Thickness, mm: 18 or 21.

Other thicknesses are also possible upon request. The same variations of the thickness as for raw plywood are valid for the sound-isolating plywood too, acc. to the EN 315.


  • For sound-isolating paneling of conference and concert rooms, workshops and other kinds of rooms.
  • For engine noise-isolation.