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Welde Bulgaria - Natural fibreboard.

Production of constructionplywood, furniture plywood, packaging plywood andhardboard (Natural fibreboard)


The panel of hardboard is a product manufactured by the wet method. The raw material used (wood and chips of various wood species) is defibred under the influence of technological steam and mechanical friction. Bonding and hydrophobic components are added to the defibred wood mass. The so formed pulp is dehydrated and pressed under high pressure and temperature.
As the end product is free of any harmful emissions, the hardboard produced inWelde BulgariaADcan be classified as natural fibreboard.


Standard sizes are:
- length, mm: 2000; 2750; 2440 and 1830 5.0;
- width, mm: 1700; 1220 3.0;
- thickness, mm: 3.2 0.3; 4 0.5.
Other sizes can be cut and sanded as per customers request.

Product characteristics acc. to EN 622-1 and EN 622-2

Name of characteristics Norms
thickness 3.5 mm thickness
3.5 ÷ 5.5 mm
  1. Density , kg/m3
  2. Bending resistance, Ma
  3. Swelling in water after 24h , %
  4. Moisture, %:
Not less than 900
Not less than 30
Not more than 35
Not less than 900
Not less than 30
Not more than 30

According to the density of the hardboards they can be classified as hard.


  • In the furniture industry.
  • In the automobile industry.
  • In the building industry.
  • Manufacturing of packaging.