plywood, film-faced plywood, wire-mesh plywood, hardboard, natural fibreboard, embossed hardboard, bottom for fruit boxes and crates, corners for fruit boxes and crates , .

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Production of construction plywood, furniture plywood, packaging plywood and hardboard (Natural fibreboard)



Following the re-branding process of all the companies of Welde Group, Austria, the name of Lessoplast Plc has been changed t... read more

Technical characteristics of WELDE G.m.b.H – principal of WELDE BULGARIA AD

Download WELDE-FORM POPLAR FILM FACED PLYWOOD TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION  Technical Specifications ( pdf 76.72 Kb )Download our ... read more

A new production line Bürkle

A new production line Bürkle started operation in 2009. It increases the production of plywood with various coverings. The a... read more

About us

WELDE BULGARIA AD is a producer of plywood and hardboard (boards of wooden fibers). The company is established in 1935 as a ...
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