plywood, film-faced plywood, wire-mesh plywood, hardboard, natural fibreboard, embossed hardboard, bottom for fruit boxes and crates, corners for fruit boxes and crates , .

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Production of constructionplywood, furniture plywood, packaging plywood andhardboard (Natural fibreboard)



Welde Bulgaria AD is certified for FSC chain of custody FSC License code: FSC C119621. WELDE BULGARIA AD Certificat... read more


Following the re-branding process of all the companies of Welde Group, Austria, the name of Lessoplast Plc has been changed t... read more

Technical characteristics of WELDE G.m.b.H principal of WELDE BULGARIA AD

Download WELDE-FORM POPLAR FILM FACED PLYWOOD TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION  Technical Specifications ( pdf 76.72 Kb )Download our ... read more

A new production line Bürkle

A new production line Bürkle started operation in 2009. It increases the production of plywood with various coverings. The a... read more

About us

WELDE BULGARIA AD is a producer of plywood and hardboard (boards of wooden fibers). The company is established in 1935 as a ...
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