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Welde Bulgaria - About us.

Production of construction plywood, furniture plywood, packaging plywood and hardboard (Natural fibreboard)

About us

Welde Bulgaria AD is a producer of plywood and hardboard (natural fibreboard)

Historical dates:

The company is established in 1935 as a “Cooperative company for production and export of plywood”. The enterprise has passed a long way of development over the years:

- In 1935 – A sawmill started up together with the plywood mill;
- In 1968 – A hardboard mill started production of hardboards.
- In 1988 – A new plywood mill started up.

Since 1988 and nowadays:

Since 1988 Welde Bulgaria AD has expanded the production range with continuous improvement of the technological processes and substantial investments in new and more productive machinery.

This results in twice increased annual production of plywood and 25% increased hardboard production. Currently the production of the company is sold to more than 25 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and America, having more than 9000 registered contractors. Welde Bulgaria AD is the biggest producer of plywood in Bulgaria nowadays.

Welde Bulgaria belongs to the group of the Austrian company Welde G.m.b.H., being its major shareholder.

Since 2003 Welde Bulgaria has made investments in building of two new mills in Romania and Serbia for production of veneer used in the construction of plywood.

The production of Welde Bulgaria is sold in bulk either directly from the company premises, or from the store situated in the town of Plovdiv. Besides self-produced goods, to the market are offered a wide range of board materials (wooden particle boards, OSB, MDF), elements for shuttering (double T-shaped beams H-20, iron supports, etc.), a variety of sawn timber of different local or exotic species – wet and dry or with special top faces.

Since 2006 Welde Bulgaria AD is a member of the European Federations:

  •       FEROPA” – European Federation of Fibreboard Manufacturers

  •       - “FEIC” – European Federation of the Plywood Industry

Legal Statute

Welde Bulgaria AD is registered by a Decision of Lovech District Court with a register No 193/15.11.1989. It is a public shareholding company with 404 634 shares. Headquarters situated in: Troyan 5600, Velchevski . EIC: BG820194517

About us

WELDE BULGARIA AD is a producer of plywood and hardboard (boards of wooden fibers). The company is established in 1935 as a ...
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